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On 12/10/2015, the inauguration ceremony of Yunnan Phosphate Haikou Co., Ltd. – a joint venture cofounded by Yuntianhua Group and Israel Chemicals Limited – was officially held in Kunming Haigen Garden Hotel.

Li Jiheng,thesecretary of CPC Yunnan ProvicialCommittee, Li Jiang, member of standing committee of CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee and executive vice governor of Yunnan Province, Liu Huiyan, the vice governor of Yunnan Province attended the inauguration ceremony and witnessed the signing of the cooperation agreement. Li Jiheng and Nir Gilad, the President of ICL, unveiled the nameplate for the JV. This is a moment that reflects a great achievement of the cooperation between YTH and ICL.


On 30/05, the First Session of the First Worker’s Congress ofthe Union of YPH was held. Wang Qingsheng, the Chairman of the Union of YPC, Morgan Ma, the GM of YPH attended this session, joined by 71 representatives from the workers. In this session, the members of the Union Committee were elected. Lv Yan was elected as the Chairman of the Union of YPH, Yan Gang as the Vice Chairman, Gao Jun as the Budget Supervisor and Yang Jinghua as the Director of Female Worker’s Commission. Morgan Ma and Lv Yan has signed the collective negotiation contract.

On 06/06, Nissim Adar, the President and CEO of ICL Fertilizer, Yakov Kahlon, the Supervisor of YPH Board, visited Three Circles and were briefed by Morgan Ma and directors from operation departments.

On 17/06, on behalf of YTH, the Employee Chorus of YPH took part in a chorus competition sponsored by Yunnan State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) commemorating the 95th anniversary of CPC,and won the second prize with two performances.

On 21/06, a team from State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS) came to YPH and conducted an assessment on YPH in terms of occupational hazard prevention. The assessment team pointed out that the report from YPH basically covered all the necessary elements, which reflected YPH’s intensive attention on occupational hazard prevention and massive effort on eliminating the risks. The team noted that YPH can make further improvement to ensure the occupational health of the employees.

In June, the monthly production of MGA Plant reached the record high, with a concentrated phosphoric acid (100%P2O5) production of 60287 tons. The previous record was 58851 ton, set in December, 2013.

On 11/07, a ceremony was held to celebrate the launch of SAP in YPH. Morgan Ma, the GM of YPH noted that SAP going online is a milestone of the company. Being a major step forward since the establishment,this system can better facilitate in the sharing and communicating of information, so as to improve the management and efficiency of the company. It is pivot to the operation and management of the company.

Between 13/07 and 15/07, the company has passed check by the Three Standards Management System. The team from China Quality Certificate Center has conducted a QES re-certify check and drawn a conclusion: YPH’s management system is effective, and passed the check.

In July, the monthly electricity production of the Waste Heat Power Station reached 9.4913 million kWh, hitting a record high since the establishment of the Station. The Station over fulfilled the target, 5 million kWh at a ratio of 190%. According to the general electricity price, 0.369 RMB/kWh, the saving will be 1.6572 million RMB.

Between 23/08 and 25/08, Johanan Locker, the president of ICL, Stefan Borgas, the CEO of ICL, Mark Volmer, the vice president of ICL, and the delegation visited YPH. Chen Hao, the governor of Yunnan Province, Zhang Xuewen, the President of YTH have met with the delegation in Kunming. Zhu Mingsong, the DGM of YTH accompanied the visit, joined by Morgan Ma, the GM of YPH, Li Wei, the DGM of YPH, Assaf Naveh, John Wang and related personnel.

On 19/9,the commencement ceremony of relocation project in response to geologic hazard control in Liushuqing resident group. Guo Xilin,the district mayor of Xishan District, Ma Jiankun, the director of Haikou sub-district office, Zhu Mingsong,the DGM of YTH, Li Yaoji, the DGM of YTH and GM of YPC, Li Wei, the secretary of CPC YPH Committee and DGM of YPH, Assaf Navef, DGM of YPH and other leaders attended the ceremony. The project has been contracted to Yunnan Jingsheng Construction and Engineering Co., Ltd.

On 19/10, an acceptance check team led by Production Safety Supervision and Administration Department of Yunnan Province has conducted the acceptance check of the rectification project on the safety hazard raised by the 6 liquid ammonia globes, which was supervised and monitored by the provincial government of Yunnan, and the municipal government of Kunming. The acceptance check concluded that this project has achieved concrete result and confirmed that the project was accepted.

Between 04/11 and 06/11, YPH took part in the 17th Homemade High Analysis Phosphate Fertilizer & Compound Fertilizer Trade Fair in Nanjing. YPH exhibited products based on Israeli technologies and received massive attention. The exhibited products include: MAP, DAP, TSP, ammonified TSP, water soluble MAP, etc. and all of them are qualified to be exported to Europe and America, and are qualified according to Israeli standard. There were over 240 manufacturers and over 800 exhibition booths in this fair.

On 20/12, Li Wei, the secretary of CPC YPH Committee and Cao Guangling, the manager of Fertilizer Plant were elected to be the people’s representative in YPH to attend the district congress.

In 2016, the annual production of WPA reached a record high, and a breakthrough has been made in terms of heavy metal removal. Until 31/12, WPA has produced 37073 tons (100%), compared to 25545 tons in 2015. The previous record was 31615 tons in 2014. In 2016, the heavy metal content in the final product has been reduced to below 10ppm, at an average of 5ppm.


On 24/02, Cao Guangling, the manager of Fertilizer Plant has been elected as the people’s representative in the 14th People’s Congress of Kunming.

On 28/02,the company has passed the acceptance check of the second stage of the second phase of safety infrastructure construction of the tailing pond.

Between 01/03 and 03/03, the company took part in the 8th China International Fertilizer Show and received massive attention. YPH presented itself in this event, and the products YPH showed attracted focuses of domestic and international customers.

On 22/03, Asher Grinbaum, the CEO of ICL, Yaniv Kabalek, the GM of ICL-China and the delegation visited YPH, accompanied by Assaf Naveh, the GM of YPH, Li Wei, the secretary of CPC YPH Committee and DGM of YPH, Han Xichao, the DGM of YPH, etc.

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