The joint-venture between YTH and ICL has created YPH, which, in the future, will bear the mission to promote ICL products in China on its shoulders.Relying on the sound foundations laid by the shareholders in the fine phosphate chemical industry, the company has established an all-in-one industry chain from mining and floatation to the R&D,production and sales of fine chemicals such as phosphoric acid and phosphate fertilisers.
Phosphate Mining

Haikou Phosphate Mine, which situates at the joint boarder of Kunming City and Anning City, is a subordinate of YPH, which enjoys abundant reserves of phosphate resources. With more than 50 years of development, the mine has become a modernised entity whose functions include mining, scrubbing and floatation. With its current mining capacity of 3.5 million tons per year, scrubbing capacity of 1 million tons per year and floatation capacity of 2 million tons per year, its main products are the floatation ore and acid method ore.

The Production and Sales of MGA and WPA

YPH's subordinate,3C Chemicals owns 2 sets dehydrate wet-process phosphoric acid units,1 hemidihydrated (HDH) phosphogypsum process phosphoric acid unit, the total capacity of MGA 770kt,1 wet process phosphoric acid purification unit, capacity: WPA 62kt.

Production and Sales of Fertilizers

YPH's subordinate,3C Chemicals (formerly‘Yunnan Fertilizer Company’) was founded in 1972, company to utilize wet process MGA to produce high concentration compound phosphate fertilizer in China.It's production capabilities includes: TSP 350kt,MAP 300kt,DAP 200kt,SMAP 120kt,MKP 50kt multiple-function units(MKP/Ammonium phosphate 50kt),Water soluble fertilizer 10kt units in pilot plant (urea phosphate(UP)/Ammonium phosphate 5kt,MKP 10kt,Ammonium dihydrogen phosphate 20kt).

Production & Sales for Industrial-grade Phosphate

Yunnan Tianchuang Technologies Co., Ltd, which is a subordinate  of YPH, has achieved rapid development through additional equipment, joint venture and reforms. Now their product range covers many fine phosphate product such as calcium phosphate, sodium phosphate, poly-phosphoric acid, poly-phosphate and their annual capacity has reached 100kt. Their products and services has granted them loyal customers from within China and abroad.

Production & Sales for Food Additives

Yunnan BK Giulini Tianchuang Phosphate Co., Ltd is a subordinate of YPH that is capable of the R&D, production and sales for phosphate products. The ‘Bailing’ food-grade sodium phosphate (which includes mono-phosphate and compound phosphate range) is the current main product of the company. Tianchuang has already established strategic cooperation with many major food manufacturers such as: Shuanghui, Yili, Mengniu and Unilever.

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